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My thoughts are if you come to my site and it shows you something more personal about me. You may see me more as a person and not a company.


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I am Rick, just wanted to welcome you to my site. This site is not only my business site but it will be my personal site as well.

Why mix my business with my personal?

Why not. I do web design more for a hobby then a business. Most of my clients are from referals from friends or may even be my friends, from those clients I get more referals.


I like to build more personal relationships with my clients. When I am creating your website I want it to reflect your personality. You getting to know me and me getting to know you, helps me build exactly what you want and need.



My Latest Project
This is another site of mine that I am working on. it is a affiliate site that will have some great products, services, software, and any other stuff I just think is cool.

Please check it out
Don't be afraid to purchase something from one of my affiliates. after all I am building that site to make money.




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Company news

I just aquired this domain name.
I had the domain for years. I was not an LLC nor have ever been one. has been owned for years by somebody that never used it. I was able to purchase this domain in October of 2011.

This Website is Under Construction.
Since I finally got the domain I always wanted. I am now motivated more then ever to build my site, the way I want it. The problem is I am still deciding on what I want this site to do. So please be patient and expect changes to occur on this site.


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